Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for your Arduino / Embedded IoT project

Most of the developers or people who tinker with the Arduino boards, often find it difficult to find a proper power source. Most applications are either battery powered, or are always plugged in. These systems some times, suffer interruptions as their power source run out.

We had recently introduced our 5V UPS MicroUPS ( https://www.regaldreamtech.com/micro-ups/ ) for 5V devices. [The old version has been discontinued. A new version is available at https://hashwhy.com/5v-microups ] We had received a lot of inquires whether MicroUPS can be used for IoT projects on Arduino for power backup. The simple answer is, ‘Yes!’.

MicroUPS is a 5V UPS with MicroUSB B input and USB output port. Arduino UNO, for instance, requires 5V input. MicroUPS can be used in applications that require a continuous power back up. For example, if your Arduino project is a temperature sensor that always monitors the temperature or humidity using its sensors, the arduino might not work in the absence of main power. MicroUPS can ensure that the power supply remains in-tact when the main supply is absent, by switching to the battery power. Battery will recharge once the main supply is available again, and the Arduino will be powered from the mains when this happens.

A block diagram for the usage of MicroUPS for embedded DIY projects that need uninterrupted power supply

Not only Arduino, most embedded boards which needs up to 10W power on 5V supply voltage may be used such as ESP8266, Raspberry Pi boards ( < 2A versions ) and other embedded boards. MicroUPS comes with 5000 mAh BIS certified batteries which is mostly sufficient for common applications.

You can buy MicroUPS from Amazon.in or from our web store directly.

Webstore: https://hashwhy.com/5v-microups/
Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09NC1PZXW

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