Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. In case you are unable to find and answer, or need any further clarification, please do contact us, and we will be happy to help you !

What is our return policy?

We check the products to be defect-free and do a functional test for about an hour before packing the product for delivery. This means that we try our best to ensure good quality products to be delivered to our customers. We are also aware that, sometimes the product might not be what you expected, or might not be functioning well within a short time. We try our best to deliver the best, and in case we fail to do so, the items can be returned within 10-days from the day of purchase. We would also pay the shipping back charges. Please contact our customer care service / raise a ticket in case you face any such issues.

Do we ship overseas ?

We currently operate within India. We offer our sales on other online sales platforms, and the delivery from those platforms are taken care by them, and are subject to their terms and conditions. The delivery from this website store is currently limited to India.

Do we have customer services ?

Yes, we do. And we would be happy to help you out in case you have any issues or concerns. We would also love to hear from you regarding the cons of our products, which will help us improve in our next venture or the next versions of the product.
You can raise tickets on our website in case of any issues, and can also contact us via our Facebook Page or Facebook Group or Twitter

Where to find device/service specific FAQ ?

The device/service specific FAQ can be found on respective device/service pages.

What is our shipping policy ?

We ship the orders within one business day via the fastest option available. We will notify you on the courier and tracking number once shipping is complete.

What is our cancellation policy ?

If you have accidentally ordered, or want to cancel the order which was placed, you may do so before the order is shipped. Kindly contact the support at the earliest. Contact at [email protected]

What is our refund policy ?

Any refunds initiated will be processed from our side in one business day. The payment processor might take its own time as required, usually a week or two, depending on the payment processor.

How do I buy ? What is the checkout process ?

The products manufactured by us maybe found in the web store from the menu or home page. You may add the item at required quantity, and enter your billing and shipping details in the next step. The payment option may be chosen from the available options. We currently ship only to India. Once the details are given, you will be redirected to the payment gateway page where you will complete your payment. You will automatically receive the order details once the payment is confirmed. And the dispatch and tracking details will be shared once the item ships to your WhatsApp number and email address on the day of shipment.

How do we keep up with updates on the new products or updates to our existing products ?

You can follow us on social media  Facebook Page or Facebook Group or Twitter. In case you are not interested in social media, you can sign up for our email newsletters.