BIS Certified

MicroUPS has BIS certified Li-ion batteries that deliver the power.


MicroUPS comes with 6 months limited warranty.


Just plug in the MicroUPS and switch it on. Let it do the rest !

Stays awake

MicroUPS is tested in real world with backup up to 12 hours


MicroUPS is designed with environment in mind.


MicroUPS is equipped with USB ports for easy compatability


MicroUPS is packed with layers of protection for safety.

Power Packed

MicroUPS is designed to give out up to 10W of continuous power.

MicroUPS has been designed for a small dimension.
It comes with a USB A type port for uninterrupted output of 5V
The power is take in through a Micro B USB port as in conventional power banks.
The device also has a switch to turn the off-and-on at wish !

MicroUPS comes with advanced protection mechanisms

Over Voltage Protection

Over-voltage protection to protect Li-ion battery from over-charging, to enhance life and safety.

Over Current Protection

Designed with over current protection for safety and longer life of device.

Excess Heat Protection

Designed to automatically shut-down to prevent damages due to over heating of the board and ICs

Short Circuit Protection

Comes with built-in current limit protection to switch the device off during short circuit

MicroUPS comes with the following indicators to ease the use

I'm ON

The Green LED indicates that the device output is ON and the UPS will switch over to battery power when the main supply fails.

I'm Charging Up

The Blue LED indicates that the battery is charging from the main supply.

I'm Powering

The Red LED indicates that the input power supply is no longer available and the device is running on battery power.


USB Cable

Comes with 1 meter long USB cable to connect to MicroUPS

Holder Kit

To attach the device to the wall or ceiling, the kit contains 2x holders, 2x scews and sockets

Warranty Card

The sheet that contains warranty details and how to extend it

Instruction Manual

On how to use, and on not how to.

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