The accidental step into the “Big Data”

When we tried to build our android app “GeoSpeed”, we stumbled upon a lot of issues. The most prominent, and unexpected being the amount of data. Well, to be exact, the data was too huge to handle.

When we go unplanned, and then find something great, things go way out of hand. We found an untamed dragon – “The Big Data”. Then the question of handling and interpreting it came into our minds. How do we tame the dragon ?

There are people who have tamed them well, and then we went on to see the masters. We started with the simpler spell to cast – “Python”. Well, most masters believe this spell to be slower. And in fact, it seems to be true as well. Spell is pretty easy to learn and cast though. We did try to tame the dragon with the spell and it kind of worked when the dragon was smaller, and if it was not about to eat us the next moment. When the data is relatively small, and quick processing might not matter, python may be used.

Most wizards, suggested better spells, which could be faster; the spells for dragons – “Scala” & “Spark”. These spells are for the bigger dragons, and mostly helps when you are about to get eaten or fried. Mastering the spell though, is not easy as it was with “Python”. These languages are equipped to run on parallel systems or clusters, and thus is expected to be much faster compared to python.

I believe, we would share our spell reviews after we have tried to tame the quick spells. Stay tuned for our updates on Big Data !

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