What do we build ?

Passion to learn, is not always limited to the theoretical things. For some, they find theory to be interesting, and yet a few, doing things practically makes them feel better. While there are pros and cons for both, doing a bit of both can be exciting. As far as I, the author is concerned, for me, it has been something like seasonal or changes frequently.

There were days when I loved doing theoretical things, and then minutes later, I might be a completely different maniac. Let us not get too personal !

To begin a company, has always taken a lot of though behind it. Since we didn’t look into starting a software start up, we always knew that we would need some serious investments, unlike most other start ups which focuses on software. Competing with the giants would be difficult. Yeah, it always is.

‘World is never fair’ Being a start up, entering in the competitive segment of electronics product manufacturing, with no much prior experience, doesn’t exempt the company from competing against the giants in the market. Unlike the software counterparts, the hardware start ups, had to clear up the product line before taking on the market. There is no over-the-air update for hardware ! Moreover, every time to change the design, it costs you money and time, a lot of time !

Still after knowing all these, we wanted to build. When we looked into the technical advancements that took place, and the floods in the electronics market, especially in the mobile segments, we knew that there were things that people needed. My handset from 2016, the Redmi Note Prime, has a similar performance and specification as the phone now, not same, but similar. 3 years! Gradually, people had attained a will to spend more. A phone, which works, but is 2 years old, is generally exchanged for a new, slightly improved version for a descent enough price. That change in the spending power, and the will to adapt new technologies, has lead to a bigger market where the start ups could survive.

We also understood what the people needed and what they would be willing to buy. And we eventually learnt to build smaller things. maybe not perfect. We might learn to do that eventually. People needed things that made their lives better, and which saved their time. That is what we will be making !

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