RDOne: Prototype; RD03: beta launch!

Our first project which was on hold, the #RDOne is in the prototype stage again. A simpler low cost low power version of RDOne was already complete by March 2020.

After our launch of MicroUPS in June 2020, we had received feedback from customers and well-wishers. We also had our first experience on online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. From these valuable feedback and experiences, we have decided to move into a more premium segment. RDOne is thus updated to offer a more premium look and features. RDOne has also enhanced protections and almost everything better compared to current offerings in market.

#RD03 will be a modular version of the RDOne and will be intended at customers who want an economical and modular solution, with low financial investments. RD03 is currently in low volume production and will be available in market as a beta release for customers who would like to get hands on the product before the production line kicks in, hopefully by August first week. Beta version, will be available on our Web store initially, and depending on demand and request, possibly expanded to other online market places. Beta version will also be priced slightly less compared to the production model.

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