Project RDOne : Prototype level case & Brief overview of project

Most people, the well-wishers we have, have always asked about what we make, and how big it would be ! People also ask how much did it cost, how much will it cost and so on !

  • We don’t have much answers about the pricing as of now, we expect it to be placed at a maximum of Rs. 1000 / piece.
  • It is expected to fit into 40 mm x 40 mm x 30 mm cuboid without the cables, which will be permanently attached to the device.
  • The device would come only in black matte finish colour.
  • The complete case would be 3D printed for the initial lot or until the next version.
  • Initial 100 pieces of the production will be sold at a discounted rate, and upon the feedback received, updated and put into production at the normal pricing. The initial pieces is expected come with extended replacement warranty compared to the standard warranty provided and in case of major issues, replaced completely.

The finalized update regarding these will only be available by March 2019. The indicative image of the product is given below

Stay tuned for the updates ! And thank you for the support 🙂

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