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Project RDOne : Prototype level case & Brief overview of project

Most people, the well-wishers we have, have always asked about what we make, and how big it would be ! People also ask how much did it cost, how much will it cost and so on !

  • We don’t have much answers about the pricing as of now, we expect it to be placed at a maximum of Rs. 1000 / piece.
  • It is expected to fit into 40 mm x 40 mm x 30 mm cuboid without the cables, which will be permanently attached to the device.
  • The device would come only in black matte finish colour.
  • The complete case would be 3D printed for the initial lot or until the next version.
  • Initial 100 pieces of the production will be sold at a discounted rate, and upon the feedback received, updated and put into production at the normal pricing. The initial pieces is expected come with extended replacement warranty compared to the standard warranty provided and in case of major issues, replaced completely.

The finalized update regarding these will only be available by March 2019. The indicative image of the product is given below

Stay tuned for the updates ! And thank you for the support 🙂

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RDOne: Prototyping update !

We have our RDOne Electronics hardware prototyping almost in its final stage. We had earlier gone for white case colour in our 3D Print designs. We have changed that to Black and will mostly be matte finish.

We have, in this updated case design, accommodated indication on skin display indication. We have also rectified the design changes, and improved the placement with legs for the case. This design will be almost ready for production, and we hope it will be 🙂

Our version 5 of case design before being processed. Image taken just after being 3D Printed.

Stay tuned for more updates. We will, hopefully, be getting back with the prototype in a week or two !

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RDTwo: Our Experiments with Android

The emerging platform of Smartphones, and android operating system was one of the most important factors in the start up boom and culture here in India. Since the investment required was considerably less compared to hardware platforms, and as the SDK by Google was quite helpful with StackOverflow being able to solve most problems, android application grew, and with it, the startups.

Most unicorn start ups, has android application presence. We too had earlier experiences with Android Application development, and Windows Phone Application development as well.

Both SDK was pretty good to start with. Stack overflow being the encyclopedia for us.

Our Project RDTwo, is just a big analytical project. We collect data and just display the data. While working on Project RDOne, which is hardware related, we stumbled upon a few issues, and though, we should do that as well. We already had plans of expanding to Android Application Development, but didn’t even had idea that RDOne schedule would fall not behind RDTwo.

RDTwo – will be probably released as ‘GeoSpeed’. Stay tuned for more updates.

Expected release: December 1st week
Current Status: In Development