Project RDOne: 3D Drawing – New Version – Lessons of screw holes for 3D Print

A few days back, we had given a brief introduction on 3D printing that we had done for prototyping stage. Once the 3D Printing was done, and tested, we understood that there are a few difference between 3D Printed plastics when compared to the molded ones. For instance, we had a screwing mechanism to be used to screw in the PCB and cover to the main body. We were planning for a M2 x 6 mm screw to be used and thought of going with 1.9 mm hole so that the screw can create it’s own thread while being screwed.

Little did we know that while using 3D printing, there are chances that the material might flow in and out a bit, changing the dimensions. This means that our 1.9 mm hole in drawing will in actual model would be somewhere much less than 1.9 mm. Our 3D printing friend, Magesh, gave us a suggestion of going with +0.1 mm for the dimension of hole.

If the screw hole is more, you can always use ABS glue to reduce the size of the hole. ABS glue, as I read, is made by mixing ABS Plastic in acetone. We will try this method, and keep you updated !

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