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Unexpected delay: Project RDOne

Dear Well-wishers,

We are sad to announce that the timeline of the first project RDOne will be extended to April 2019 for the production release. This delay is due to audit, taxes and related administrative regulations of the company. We will, be rolling out the prototypes in a few weeks and will be tested for about 1 month before being brought out for the initial release, which is expected to be in April 2019, the new financial year beginning.

We are taking in time so as to make the prototype model as close to the final production model as it can be. We expect the basic model to be ready in a few days.

The Team,
RegalDream Technologies

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Timeline – Oct Mid 2018

We have been here for some time now. We have now created prototype designs and will now soon start testing prototypes. The cases are 3D Printed materials.

Read about our project RDOne here.

Find the timelines for our product development and product launch at RegalDream Technologies below.