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Android ImageView not displaying image in few phones only

Issue: Android ImageView was not displaying image on Redmi Note Prime, when tested. But the same code when used in Redmi 4A shows image.  Image which was being used Solutions tried: Setting Image using XMLUsed:  android:src Setting image using Java codeUsed:  ImageView img;img = (ImageView) findViewById(R.id.startscreen);img.setImageResource(R.drawable.startimage); Setting background to different colourUsed: android:background Changing the background […]

Android Code : Ping a domain/IP & Latency Calculation

The following code may be used to ping the IP / Domain addresses and to obtain latency Tested in Android 4.4.2, 6.0Mobile handsets: Lenovo A6000, Redmi Note 4AWorking application: PUBG Network Quality CheckMinimum API Tested: 19 Explanation:The code fetches the current time in milliseconds to a variable. The ping function is then called, with the […]

Announcing Introduction of Knowledge Centers

Dear well-wishers and followers, We are glad to announce the introduction of ‘Knowledge centers’. When we were working on our android project, we came across a few obstacles in coding. Apart from the normal coding practices and logic, we came across a few libraries and repositories which could be of help. Knowledge center was selected […]

RDTwo: Our Experiments with Android

The emerging platform of Smartphones, and android operating system was one of the most important factors in the start up boom and culture here in India. Since the investment required was considerably less compared to hardware platforms, and as the SDK by Google was quite helpful with StackOverflow being able to solve most problems, android […]