How much is the battery backup of MicroUPS?

MicroUPS was tested in real life conditions. Depending on the device connected and the usage, the backup time may vary. We observed a backup duration of 8+ hours for 5V 2A CCTV camera, and 10+ hours for 5V 1A CCTV camera.

How much voltage does MicroUPS give out?

MicroUPS has an output voltage of 5V.

How much current can MicroUPS give?

MicroUPS can give a current of 2A. This is limited for the protection of devices.

How many cameras can be connected to MicroUPS?

MicroUPS has only a single output port and is meant to be for a single camera. But, with a separate split cable, the device can be connected to multiple cameras, provided the sum of the current requirement does not exceed the maximum current that the device can give, ie, 2A.

What is the input of MicroUPS?

MicroUPS accepts 5V input through a Micro B USB port (The charging port of common mobile phones)

What is the output port of MicroUPS?

MicroUPS gives its output via USB. The USB cable is provided with the device.

Can I fix MicroUPS to any surface?

MicroUPS comes with a holder kit, which has 2 screws and fill plugs. The MicroUPS has two holes, which can be used to attach the device to any surface using the screws provided.

How does MicroUPS charge?

MicroUPS has a load detection capability. MicroUPS charges itself using the remaining power that is not used by the camera from the adapter. If camera uses more power, leaving only less power for the device, it takes longer time to charge. Also, the charging rate is optimized to give the maximum capacity and life for the battery.

What does each indicator light mean?

Red – The MicroUPS is running on battery.
Blue – The MicroUPS is charging.
Green – The MicroUPS is ON and output is available.

Is MicroUPS waterproof?

No, MicroUPS is not waterproof.